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Short video I made with our beloved Katawa Shoujo girls~

I’d love you forever if you would watch, and possibly spread around the fandom — there’s not many videos for KS |:

Short but Awesome

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Shimako´s theme “flower awaken

personally, my favorite song

I found this Touhou clone named “La Souer du Barrage” based on Maria-sama ga miteru, instead of the keyboard to move and shoot you use the mouse to do that, you have the option to put the difficulty on easy (recommended) or normal is more limited and don´t have continues and the music is very memorable. This game is recommended to they want start and know experience with Touhou games


A long blurb from a Katawa Shoujo Artist


I’ve been occupied this month so sorry for not answering asks as soon as i wanted to. Same with doodle commissions. I’ll get to them eventually though!

Anyway, Happy KS month! it’s been two years since Katawa Shoujo was released. Time sure goes by fast.

Music by nicolarmarfi

Because Nicol wrote a blog post about his old music tracks from Katawa Shoujo, it kinda inspired me to do the same, but my writing seems more angsty than happy lol. I’m sure the 4LS guys won’t be anal about me showing old pieces of work that the artists have done in the past for Katawa Shoujo, it’s old stuff anyway.

Oh, this post is super long and may contain spoilers from Katawa Shoujo and light NSFW. But it also has concept art and a bunch of random junk as well. So read more for looking at piccies and a lot of rant!

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In honor of the birthday of both girls: Rin (march 13) and Emi (march 14),

I put it to I don’t forget it